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Writing Effective Policies and Procedures


Writing Effective Policies and Procedures: A Step-By-Step Resource for Clear Communication

A step-by-step resource for clear communication of all types of policies and procedures.

Policies and procedures — they’re what make a company run efficiently and legally. Now managers have a definitive guide to creating accurate policies and procedures documents. The book is useful for professionals in such areas as:

  • health and safety
  • human resources
  • office management
  • administration
  • quality
  • manufacturing
  • customer service
  • finance
  • accounting


Readers will enjoy the unusually friendly, informal approach of this book. Loaded with examples, checklists, guidelines, quick tips, work plans, and forms, it is ready for immediate use. The book shows how to:

  • write (and design) documents clearly (so employees will understand and follow the policies)
  • plan, analyze, and research each element
  • help employees increase efficiency, reduce mistakes and frustration, and save time and money — by providing clear guidelines to follow
  • avoid legal mistakes that can get a company in trouble.

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