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The Elements of Technical Writing


The essential guide to writing clear, concise proposals, reports, manuals, letters, memos, and other documents in every technical field.   Includes a section with examples and text that address the specialized writing problems of systems analysts and software engineers.


About The Author


Gary Blake was born in Manhattan, grew up in Westchester County and took several degrees at The University of Wisconsin. He earned a doctorate from the City Universoity of New York. For thirty years, Blake has written books and has been the director of The Communication Workshop, which offers writing webinars and seminars across the US. His first book, The Status Book, was published by Doubleday in 1978. Blake has co-authored ten books with Robert W. Bly, inclding the best-selling The Elements of Business Writing (Pearson Education). His new book is titled: A Freudian Slip is When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother: 879 Funny, Funny, Hip, and Hilarious Puns (Skyhorse Publishing).

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