Refund/Cancellation Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Embry-Williams Technical Writing Certifications LLC. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses if they are not completed within a 4 Month Period.  Should a cancellation or rescheduling occur, Embry-Williams staff will contact the participant about the cancellation or about any alternative program event(s) if offered.

No Refunds. There are NO Refunds for taking Embry-Williams Technical Writing Certification Courses. This includes all courses offered on this site. All refund requests will be denied, however there are cases where we can reschedule the course to be taken at a later time, Contact us at to explain your reason for wanting to cancel, and we will proceed accordingly.

Price changes are not retroactive. If the cost of a course is lowered before the course start date, no refunds for the difference will be processed for those already registered. If the cost of a course is lowered after a course ends, participants who previously purchased the course will not be entitled to a refund.

Certificate bundle cancellation: There are no refunds on certificate bundles.

Exceptions to cancellation policy: May be made for certain circumstances. Written documentation/email must be provided. Determination will be made by Embry-Williams whether to award a refund or credit for the next course offering. Please note that if you are awarded any monies refund a 40% processing fee will be applied to the refund. Example, if you purchased a course for $1000.00 and a refund is awarded, 40% ($400.00) will be deducted and you will receive $600.00.

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