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Document Control


A Simple Guide to Managing Documentation

They’re supposed to be useful tools, but whether they’re printouts, computer files, flowcharts, or forms, documents can often give more headaches than help. And yet without them, most organizations couldn’t function. ISO 9001:2000 and other quality management systems place great emphasis on documents, and for good reason. Documents aren’t individual, stand-alone elements of the management process. They’re interrelated, formatted in different media, and controlled by various and distinct functions. Keeping critical information current and in the right hands requires more than just signing off on procedures. Document control is essential, but where should you begin?


By reading this book. Inside you’ll find clear explanations about the document control process as well as practical solutions for creating, organizing, and maintaining documents, including:

  • A discussion of different kinds of documents, including electronic media and QMS requirements
  • Identifying and defining responsibility
  • Understanding the relationship between documents and records
  • Tips for document writers
  • Managing and maintaining documents
  • Issues of accessibility
  • Handling revisions and deviations
  • Writing document control procedures

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