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Document Management for the Enterprise


In Document Management for the Enterprise, Michael Sutton clearly defines and simplifies the principles of document engineering and management. He arms you with a set of proven techniques and methods for planning, building, and maintaining automated systems for fast and efficient storage and retrieval of documents and forms. And, with the help of numerous case studies, he shows you how to avoid common pitfalls and how to overcome frequently encountered obstacles. The most up-to-date, comprehensive, hands-on guide to the engineering and management of enterprise document management systems.


Document Management for the Enterprise:

  • Clearly defines the goals and uses of document management and engineering
  • Provides expert assessments of risks, costs, and benefits of creating an enterprise-wide document management system
  • Outlines a document engineering life cycle and framework for rolling out document management applications
  • Identifies available software products and describes a method for evaluating their functions and features

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