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Standardizing Standard Operating Procedures


Standardizing Standard Operating Procedures: How To Write Them and Communicate Them, So People Will Follow Them

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and standard operating guidelines (SOGs) are invaluable to businesses of all sizes. From a multinational corporation to a start-up, any organization can benefit from clearly written and communicated SOPs and SOGs.

SOPs are so important, but writing them can seem like a daunting task. How do you convey so much information without errors or misunderstandings?

Entrepreneur and business coach Jerry Isenhour understands the difficulties. He also understands the rewards a working SOP program can deliver. He has done so for his own businesses in the service, retail and manufacturing segments. He has consulted with numerous management teams to assist them in producing theirs. Now he wants to help you perfect your own SOP writing skills for your business!


  • start the SOP process,
  • form a priority list,
  • test the SOP,
  • elicit team feedback,
  • implement and distribute the SOP,
  • evaluate its effectiveness in the workplace,
  • troubleshoot any points of confusion, and
  • use it to make your organization a success!

With this new guide, take your company communications to the next level!

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